Maintaining biodiversity in the orchard is essential in the natural fight against pests. The grower promotes this ecosystem by planting hedges around the orchards, maintaining grass strips between the apple trees and installing nest boxes.

Discover the natural enemies
found in Pink Lady® orchards

The foxAn essential link in the food chain, the fox also plays a key role in the life of our orchards. A true predator of rodents, such as the field mouse for example, it helps avoid the damage that this small rodent could cause to the roots.
The batThe bat plays an important role in the orchards. Because it feeds on many insect pests such as codling moths, growers set up nest boxes to house them.
The ladybirdThis little beetle is a huge help. Capable of swallowing a hundred aphids a day, the ladybird works hard to preserve our orchards and apples on a daily basis.
The titThis bird is a great ally in the fight against pests. A lover of larvae, caterpillars and codling moths, it has such an important role that growers install nest boxes in the orchards to attract it.
The beeIt plays an essential part in the fruiting process and the life cycle of the apple. During the flowering season, and for a successful pollination, growers introduce beehives into the orchards. The apple blossom can thus become delicious fruit.
The hedgehogThe role of this small mammal is particularly important in the life of orchards. The hedgehog feeds on numerous apple pest eggs and larvae. Its greed is therefore highly appreciated by growers.
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