PinKids® apples are perfect for young hands, and have all the sensory qualities of their big sister, Pink Lady®. A unique colour, crunchy texture, an ideal sweet/sour balance with flavours of wild strawberry, vanilla, lychee and rose.

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PinKids® apples are very well suited to the energy needs of children, and help recharge their bodies with a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Vitamin C
The outer part of the pulp contains a lot. The skin contains 4 to 5 times more of this energy-boosting vitamin than the rest of the fruit.
  • icon1A radiant complexion
  • icon2A boosted immune system
Its 80% water content helps hydrate the body and eliminate toxins after exercise.
  • icon1Optimal hydration
Low calorie intake
Perfect for limiting snacking on overly sweet foods, they are the ideal partner for a healthy diet for children.
  • icon1Carbohydrates are absorbed slowly by the body.
  • icon2A significant and lasting feeling of satiety.

A new packaging range

Pink Lady® has completely renewed its packaging range by choosing recyclable or compostable materials, as part of an eco-design approach.

Play with PinKids® !

Test your skills with PinKids®.
Note where the animals are located and find all the pairs in order to finish the game!

Teste dein Gedächtnis mit PinKids®. Merke dir, an welcher Stelle sich welches Tier befindet und finde alle Paare, um das Spiel zu beenden.

Alle Karten werden dir für 5 Sekunden angezeigt. Starte den Countdown sobald du bereit bist!

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Du hast alle Tier-Paare rechtzeitig gefunden!


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Du lagst leider zu oft falsch... Probiere es noch einmal! Du schaffst es!

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